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Formerly “The Tobes of Hades”, we are a Scottish 3-piece RUSH tribute band, dedicated to their classic sound of the 70s and early 80s. Have a wander round to find out more.

We also have some new shirts for sale!

RUSHfest Scotland

We are proud to be part of the very first of what will hopefully become an annual event.

For more information, please visit www.rushfestscotland.info

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Wow - great comments left on our Facebook page by a guy that was at our Glasgow Cathouse gig:

"Actually one of the best gigs I've ever seen! If you are a Rush fan, you will LOVE these guys. Slightly miffed that I've paid £80 to go and see Rush now to be honest! Raw passion, attention to detail, unbeatable old skool set list (OVER 2 HOURS), enthusiasm by the bucketload, killer sound. DO NOT MISS!!"

Thank you Graham Gillanders - we're not worthy!

NEXT GIG is the first RUSHfest Scotland. An all-day event at the prestigious DREADNOUGHT ROCK CLUB in Bathgate. 1pm till 3am with MOVING PICTURES on stage around 8pm playing for over two hours, including the complete EXIT STAGE LEFT! Tickets £16 from http://www.movingpicturesuk.com/rushfest/