The Band

Mark: Drums & Percussion

Mark has been playing the drums since he was 14 and studied at music college in Edinburgh. Lars Ulrich was an early inspiration but nowadays his favourite is the same as Mr Peart's: the late, great Buddy Rich.

He first saw Rush live in 1992 on the Roll The Bones tour.

Mark has played in countless rock, indie, ska and function bands all over the country and abroad.

Mapex Saturn drums, Zildjian cymbals, various acoustic and electronic percussion.

Favourite Rush albums:
Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures
Hold Your Fire

Least favourite Rush album:
Roll the Bones

Favourite Neil moment:
One Little Victory intro

Steve “Broon”: Guitars, Pedal Keyboard & Vocals

Steve got his first guitar at eight years old — inspired by his big brother who had a 12-string. His school band went on to tour Europe and Steve knew then what he wanted to do with his life. He was first introduced to Rush and rock at age 13 by a friend who loaned him 2112, A Farewell to Kings, Led Zep 4, Black Sabbath's Greatest Hits and Back In Black — what a baptism of fire that night became!

He first saw Rush on the Signals tour and has caught them on every UK tour since plus shows in Boston, Toronto and Amsterdam. Since hooking up with online forums such as TRAC (The Rush Atlantic Connection) every show has been a blast catching up with like-minded fans from all over the globe.

Steve turned full time professional musician in 1993 and has gigged every weekend since, from bowling alleys in Thurso, to amphitheatres in Japan, to dodgy late night TV shows like this one with his original rock band Seeing Red back in 1991.

Gibson Les Paul Alex Lifeson Signature, Gibson ES-355 Alex Lifeson Signature, 1976 Gibson 1275 doubleneck, PRS SE Mikael Ã…kerfeldt Signature, stand-mounted Yamaha nylon acoustic, Hughes & Kettner Triamp, Hughes & Kettner Switchblade amp, Marshall 4x12 in stereo, TC Electronic Nova System, TC Ditto looper, Morley volume pedal, Dunlop Cry-Baby Wah, Roland pedal keyboard, Elixir 10-46, Big stubby 3mm

Favourite Rush albums:
A Farewell to Kings
Moving Pictures

Least favourite Rush album:
Roll the Bones

Favourite Alex moment:
F#7add4 (opening chord to Hemispheres - THE LIFESON CHORD!)

Jillian Anderson: Vocals & keyboards

Jillian began playing piano and singing from an early age. She went on to study piano for two years at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama before graduating from Edinburgh University with a Bachelor of Music. Having put performing aside for many years she has recently “got back into it” playing classical piano in an exclusive hotel, belting out timeless classics in a rock covers band, performing her own material and jazzing it up with a Highland based Big Band.

Highland Piano Player

Paul “Livvy” Livingstone: Bass

Loved by those who have never met him, and despised by his friends, Paul Livingstone, was, up until 6 months ago, a “non-terrestrial officer” in the US Space Navy. Which was, until 4 or 5 seconds ago, completely orchestrated in secrecy. A chance encounter with a Bass Guitar changed everything.

He learned to play everything he knows in a magical 30 second episode, very similar to "Manny" in the show "Black Books" (Black Books | YouTube) and while this was in itself a remarkable incident worthy of opening any Bio, he has struggled to recapture this advanced method of learning songs and has since had to settle for the more traditional method of listening to the music and working the Bass parts out note by note.

This was working wonderfully for songs like "Waterfront" by Simple Minds, and progress was plain to see when "With Or Without You" by U2 slipped into his repertoire, but another chance encounter led to his newly accrued musical abilities being severely tested. If "Livvy" is to be compared to Manny in Black Books, then Steve Brown can, in private at least, be shown up to be akin to Dylan Morans character , Bernard, the bookshop owner. A callous, passive-aggressive,hard-drinking businessman, he approached Livvy with some hard evidence of a misdemeanour which cannot fully be described in this Bio, but suffice to say, gave Mr Brown a serious upper hand in the conversation.

***UPDATE*** (Lawyers are working out the details of what can and cannot be disclosed at the present time. More to follow hopefully, as soon as the court can establish whether or not the salmon involved can lawfully give evidence).***

The upshot of this initial phonecall was that Livvy agreed, in principle to be one half of Geddy (Lee) in the tribute band "Moving Pictures" . In a separate court case, which half exactly is yet to be determined. But in an recent newspaper article, Livvy was said to prefer to be the "G" as he "much preferred that to Eddy". As he would not wish to be associated in any way to the 90s pop duo "Charles and Eddy". Even Charles and Eddy avoid being associated with Charles and Eddy, (A Daphne and Celeste prototype for those under the age of 30).

Spin forward 4 months and Livvy has accepted that, on this occasion, blackmail really has worked in his favour. He is said to be relishing the challenge of trying to do justice to the bass playing of one of the most underrated and "we'll do it our way" bands that rock, nay ALL music, has ever seen. Unfortunately though, after taking this view, his attempts to blackmail a well known supermarket chain by threatening to tell the world about how they make millions upon millions of pounds each week by peddling near-rotten produce packed with preservatives, effectively short-changing people in a monetary and dietary sense by providing them with sub-standard food at a premium price (after running all the competition out of business) has had a very different outcome to the incident in which he was/is being blackmailed.

Turns out people don't actually care. And that supermarket lawyers take no prisoners. And that they also know about the same incident that led to Livvy joining Moving Pictures in the first place. Fair enough , he supposes (I suppose. Of course I wrote this, even though it's presented in the third person). His first gig with Moving Pictures will, in the literal sense, be his first ever live performance, but has claimed to have done 4 world tours in a 7-second portion of his initial 30 second epiphany, so feels "ready".

A more dubious claim to have played Bass for Captain Sensible in an, as yet unnamed hit (there was a lot going on in such a short space of time) on "The Russell Harty Show at some point in the mid-80s" has so far been unsubstantiated. He has also claimed, in an unaired interview for the TV show "Youth Hosteling With Chris Eubank" to have been the person who slipped the picture of Jocky Wilson onto the projector for Dexys Midnight Runners performance of "Jackie Wilson Said" (Dexys Midnight Runners | YouTube) — but even he knows that he just said that for a giggle and so that he could link it on here.

Favourite Geddy Moment: The time (In early 1991) that Geddy visited Bath, England, and had a shower, and afterwards remarked how ironic that was.

All Photos © Al Donnelly 2010

The Story so far…

Way back in 2001 the three of us — Keith, Mark & original guitarist John Darling - found ourselves working in (ahem...) an ABBA tribute show. After scores of “showbiz” gigs we seriously felt the need to ROCK again, and to set ourselves a new challenge as players. We decided that it was time for “an excercise in self-indulgence”; to have a go at doing our musical heroes: — (you guessed it) — Rush.

Three songs were attempted as a trial: Anthem, 2112 Overture/Temples & Xanadu. We found, to our delight, that we could do them reasonably well, albeit with the vocals shifted down an octave, and so we tried a couple more: Tom Sawyer & La Villa Strangiato. By now it was clear that this was just about the most fun that you could have with guitar, bass and drums. But then you knew that already, right? The only question remaining was "can we pull this off live?"

The chance to test the waters came when we were invited to do 30 minutes at a benefit gig for top radical booksellers AK Press. And so, amongst the hectic function band Christmas season, we played our debut gig at The Bongo Club, Edinburgh, on December 9th 2001 as The Tobes of Hades. We were pretty nervous about taking our pet project out in public, but we needn't have been: it totally rocked and there was a lot of positive feedback afterwards. Feeling pretty chuffed, we decided to carry on and put together a full-length Rush show.

By the summer of 2002 we'd worked out loads more songs and the Rush-loving folks that we knew were getting impatient to hear what we'd been up to. Taking matters into his own hands, our good friend Roland Wagstaff decided to sort this out: he invited us to play at his birthday bash. A rather drunken Roland took over the mic for The Trees and a few others, and a great time was had by all. It was now time to get a "proper" gig.

It took a while, but eventually we got our arses in gear and did our first full-length show at Bannerman's in Edinburgh on February 26th 2003, playing all the stuff we knew in a mammoth 1 hour 45 mins set. The encore was the whole of 2112. Complete strangers came from as far away as Sunderland to see us. Thanks guys! The venue were so impressed that they asked us to come back asap, and so we did it all again (in a different order) on the 24th of May. Didn't manage to get Lakeside Park past Mark though ... This time people came from as far away as Stirling and Coupar Angus (hi Steve!), some claiming, rather drunkenly, that we were "better than Rush" (hi Steve!).

Over the next couple of years we gradually added more songs to our repertoire, bought lots of nice, shiny gear and did more shows, growing in confidence all the time. Things came to a sudden and unexpected halt however, in 2005, when Mark was taken seriously ill. It would be almost two years until he was able to gig again.

By 2007 Mark was thankfully restored to health and we were able to carry on, but not for long. This time it was John who encountered a problem: he was starting to find that his left hand, arm & shoulder were going numb half-way through the first set and he couldn't feel his fingers anymore. Medical advice and physiotherapy were sought, but progress was slow. With great regret, John decided in 2009 that he'd rather not play live with the band anymore. We continue to rehearse and jam together though, just for fun, which was the reason we started this after all.

In order to keep the live side of the band going Keith and Mark knew that there was only one person to approach: their very own "old friend Broon", guitarist Steve Brown. The three had been mates for decades, but had never formed a band together, and so we were all really excited about this new line-up. We also decided that this was a good opportunity to change the name of the band to something a bit less silly, eventually settling on Moving Pictures. Rehearsals began in early 2010 and we played our first gig under the new name at the Ceol Mor, Inverness, on November 18th.

Over the next 3 and a half years we've concentrated on playing prestigious venues such as the Cathouse in Glasgow, The Dreadnought in Bathgate (Scotland's oldest rock club) and The Lemon tree in Aberdeen. The Lemon Tree has turned into our annual Winter foray, playing here every January to a enthusiastic and welcoming crowd. Honing our chops and buying even more toys for the boys theer really isn't a better way of having fun with your clothes on!

Cut to June 2014 and with a heavy heart we say farewell to Keith. All amicable - we're are still very close friends which we were before the band got together - Keith is concentrating on playing and writing new original material which we will publicise here ASAP.

So, here we are in September 2014 and rehearsals have begun with TWO new members JILLIAN ANDERSON on vocals and keyboards and LIVVY on bass. Steve has known this pair from the live circuit in the North of Scotland - both highly experienced giggers and incredibly talented musicians - plus bloody nice people too - all the qualities required for MOVING PICTURES. Their debut gig with the band will be at The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen on Sat 17 January 2015, playing the entire EXIT STAGE LEFT album - a baptism of fire?? You betcha!

Hope to see you soon!

Many thanks to all who've encouraged and supported us, and very special thanks (and humble apologies) to Alex, Geddy and Neil for the music and the inspiration. We are not worthy!!!

Lemon Tree, Aberdeen, 15/1/15

Thanks to Curly Cat, Ellie Finlayson, George Summers, Gordon Semple, Mike Sword, Phil Purbrick and Richard Scott.