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The Spirit of Radio - RUSHfest Scotland 2022

Closer to the Heart - with Jacob Moon - RUSHfest Scotland 2022

Far Cry - Oran Mor, Glasgow 10 Sept 2022

Xanadu & The Sphere - RUSHfest Scotland 2022

Scottish Rush tribute band MOVING PICTURES play their own arrangement of the Rush classic AFTERIMAGE.

Over 13k views — some of the comments:

“As a lifetime Rush fanatic this moved me to tears. What a beautiful arrangement of such a beautiful song.”

“That was brilliant...a great version and arrangement...loved it when you burst into the classic solo section from the completed the concept. A great idea to do that..”

“Wow....I always said these lyrics were incredibly good.....but this arrangement makes them more meaningful...great job..”

“One of my favorite Rush covers of all time. You guys knocked it out of the park. I'm picky about my Rush and you guys gave great tribute to Pratt and the boys. Excellent and brilliant job!.”

YYZ - RUSHfestScotland 2022

Between The Wheels & Headlong Flight - Oran Mor, Glasgow 10 Sept 2022

Working Man - RUSHfest Scotland 2022

La Villa Strangiato - Oran Mor, Glasgow 10 Sept 2022